Less is more - minimalism as a way of life.

  • By Anonymous
  • • Jun 16, 2017

Conceptualizing things and then giving it a shape has been the basic concept of any art form, be it music, dance, or even creating artifacts. There have been great implications on creating everything on a grand level, studded with various other add-ons, to give it some more texture and increase its beauty. However, in past few years, people have realized that even simple is powerful, yet effective. This brought in the concept of minimalizing things, which stated that only essential elements should be focussed on, removing any other visual add on to the object, which was just a beautification element and had no role as such in the main idea.

There are various definitions available about minimalism, however, the one which states its meaning in layman language is “use of only essential elements to represent something”. This might sound new to some people, but eventually, this was in practice from over a decade ago or even centuries ago. Yes, people were used to glorifying things but yet, there were certain people like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who believed that even less is more, and these three words actually sum up the real concept of minimalism.

This concept was also thought of being inexpensive in nature, since it involved usage of only basic things and was used to shed out that extra bit, which was actually not required. However, if you look closely, this is actually an art of choosing just the right and classic things, which are often more expensive than you can think of. Sometimes, ornamenting things eventually shadowed the prime object, which brought in the need of this minimalistic art, which let the centre object be the centre of attraction. Also, this notion is not just a part of art and design; this is something which has also influenced technology a lot.

You must have heard about technological giants like Apple and Google. These companies have understood the need of basics and thus, they have literally made their devices and services, such conceptualized, that even a stone man can turn things their way with the use of these advancements. The best example, which you might also come across in your daily life, is the home page of Google, where things have drastically changed from various options of viewing a particular type of results to just showing a search bar with voice assistance.

This and many other examples like this have made people fall for this idea. When we talk about this minimalistic approach about things, especially in designing and web technologies, it comprises of various attributes including some of the basics like color and font. Use of basic colors, perfect horizontal and vertical lines usage and keeping the usage of font families limited to 2 or 3 has become the regular practice and this has yielded good results, in terms of user experience. Black and white are the most basic colors which one can think of, however, even in this colorful era, these colors have never gone out of demand, just because of their simplicity, availability and usability.

In short, you can say that keeping it simple is what matters, however, it is not that simple as it sounds. That would be a whole new revolution when minimizing idea would have a greater impact on our daily routines.

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