Ocd - obsessive coffee disorder

  • By Paromita Das
  • • May 29, 2017

So, what is the first thing that you take before starting your work? And how your day starts? What’s that thing in your kitchen for which you’ve bought that coffee maker? I know the questions are a little bit tough but perhaps you have got an intuition of ‘coffee’. So, this is how this small ingredient has affected your very zest of life. Even we need this in our fashion statement as well and this syndrome is now widely known as Coffeeholic syndrome when a fashion driven person is so addicted to coffee printed shirts, T-shirts, dresses and even everything around him or her. 
Do you fall under the same category?

Well, we can’t control this syndrome but for sure we have solutions.  

The obsession with coffee is very normal nowadays as most of the population is heavily driven by work and money. And coffee made beverages work as a great stress buster. You can’t drink coffee everywhere but of course, you can wear it or tag it around you to let others see what really makes you feel happy. Now get this happiness online by investing in cool coffee mugs from Amavelo. With an addition to the a la carte, the store has amazing printed coffee mugs as well to make your drinking session the most cooler one.  From sassy phone cases to coffee coasters, you’ll find everything sorted for your coffee obsession here. So, what are you waiting for? Hop in at amavelo.com now and shop for the most bro stuffs for yourself or for the sake of your special! 

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